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Free chlorine sensors from Pi now need even less maintenance!

Free Chlorine Sensor from Pi

Pi’s HaloSense free chlorine sensor has recently been redesigned with two improvements, a new electrolyte and a new membrane design, resulting in an increased calibration interval of 6 months.

The introduction of a new electrolyte means longer maintenance intervals, going from 3 to 6 months to only once a year, reducing maintenance efforts whilst keeping the market leading accuracy and reliability the free chlorine sensor has always had.

Along with the electrolyte, a new membrane cap has been designed that makes the membrane easier to change and the maintenance process quicker. Pi’s previous free chlorine sensor had a two-part membrane cap comprising of an internal G-holder, which covered the sensor electrode, and an outer membrane cap. The new membrane cap does not use the G-holder so there is now only one part to change. To see how easy it is to maintain a HaloSense free chlorine sensor, please click here.

All industries using chlorine sensors – including municipal water, swimming pools/spas, industrial water treatment companies – want to reduce maintenance and calibration times. These two improvements, plus Pi’s CRIUS® or CRONOS® analyser which guides users through the calibration process, makes life easier for anyone maintaining the sensors.

For more information about the HaloSense or to discuss your application with one of our team, please feel free to contact us.

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