Instrumentos de Proceso

Multi-Parameter Analysers from Process Instruments (Ireland) chosen by Murphy Process Engineering Ltd.

Multi-Parameter Analyser supplied to Murphy Process Engineering Ltd.

Process Instruments (Ireland) has recently supplied several multi-parameter analysers to Murphy Process Engineering Ltd. as part of a disinfection project in the Counties of Carlow, Wexford and Kilkenny.

Tim Harte from Process Instruments (Ireland) Ltd., and Applications Engineer Wesley Ashworth from Process Instruments (UK) Ltd., worked closely with Project Manager Sean Ryle to install the CRIUS® systems and manage the differences between the sites.

Pi’s CRIUS® multi-parameter controller is equipped with the capability to connect up to 4 sensors and measure different parameters including chlorinepH, temperature and turbidity, and is able to connect to 3 more CRIUS® to accommodate more sensors if required.

The CRIUS® can output the parameters to a SCADA over Modbus or analogue 4-20mA signals and has the ability to send a flow proportional signal to control chemical dosing pumps including switching between duty and standby pumps.

Tim Harte said: “We’ve supplied instruments to Murphy Process Engineering Ltd. in the past including our auto-coagulation control system, CoagSense. It’s great to hear that the success of these installations meant that Murphy were happy to install our CRIUS® multi-parameter analysers across a number of their sites. Presently they are moving to the Commissioning phase on these installations. The CRIUS® is already set up for Water and Industry 4.0, meaning it is perfect for these types of project.”

For more information about our CRIUS® controller, please click here to visit our webpage. Alternatively, to see how our CRIUS® controller is set up for Water 4.0 and Industry 4.0, watch a short video here. If you would like to discuss your application with one of our team, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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instrumentos de proceso

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